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We are not your typical gym.

Get in shape and go home safe!

Learn Self Defense

We give you functional fitness that will drive your daily life. Our realistic approach to Krav Maga delivers real visible results. We will help you reach your goals, whether you want to learn self defense, become a better athlete, or just lose weight and stay in shape.

Krav Maga is known for its intensity, which will add to any workout regimen while learning unrivaled survival skills. Although we are not a Martial Art many Martial artist come in and train with us and then never leave. Martial arts usually take years to learn and a lifetime to master. Krav Maga is Self Defense in its simplest form. We will have you doing punches and kicks in one of your first classes. 

One class will prove that Krav Maga is an incredible workout at a high level of physical fitness. We are not a gym but many people opt for Krav Maga Lessons over a traditional workout. They realize quickly that they are learning life saving skills while the calories being burnt are higher than a typical gym workout. 

If you’re ready to achieve amazing results, come in for a trial class today.