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“Spartan Krav Maga will challenge you physically and mentally; it will also push the limits you thought you had. If you’re serious about getting into shape and learning how to defend yourself, if it comes to that…this is the place to go.” – Dave

“I have been in martial arts most of my life and Krav Maga is the most real form of self defense a person can learn. The training I have received at Spartan Krav Maga has prepared me mentally and physically to tackle any challenge that I may face. Krav Maga is much more than a self-defense system; it is a way of life. I highly recommend trying a class and seeing the advantage of Spartan Krav Maga. ” – Jeremy

Krav-Maga engineers your body as a weapon or a tool when for a time you may need to defend yourself. You also get into great physical shape at the same time.” – Ramon

“I am Hooked. This will be part of what I do until I can do it no more.” – Travis

Krav Maga is truly a “real life” self defense. The techniques taught will allow you to walkout in public with confidence knowing that you have the tools to protect yourself, if neeeded. The instructors are fantastic and are a truly dedicated group of individuals. I recommend this class without hesitation.” – Rishi

Spartan Krav Maga has exceeded all of my self defense expectations. As a female who believes in the importance of practical self defense, Krav is perfect. It’s fast, natural to learn, and is effective even for more petite builds (let’s face it ladies, we are typically a bit smaller). The Spartan KM staff is attentive and personable, and they make it clear with every lesson that your safety is their top concern. So, if you want to gain confidence, stay safe, and get a great workout, I highly recommend you give Spartan Krav Maga a try!”- Anna

Spartan Krav Maga has taught me the self defense skills to protect myself from potential threats in real life situations and helped me to develop an aware mindset. The instructors here are friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced in what they do and truly care for each students well-being. It is an awesome workout that provides you with effective Krav Maga techniques and concepts in a great atmosphere. Each week this is what I look forward to most, training with my Krav Maga family!” – Jessy

“Your body will not go to a place your mind has never been. Spartan Krav Maga prepares your mind and body to be ready for that worst case situation if & when it ever arises. Not to mention the tremendous work out you receive that gets you in great physical shape” – Zach

“Spartan Krav Maga is the real deal. It combines real-life self defense techniques in addition to a good workout while attending class. Over the years, I’ve learned many different martial art styles although none provided realistic training until I found Krav Maga. My recommendation is that if you are looking for a different style of cardio kickboxing, this is not what you are looking for but if your desire it to learn real-life self defense techniques while getting in better shape, you’ve came to the right place. See you in class!” -Jacob

“First and foremost let me say that like anything you will get out of this what you put intoit. If you don’t challenge and push yourself each and every time your there then don’t expect much in return. That being said Justin and the instructors do everything they can to give you the best possible chance of success. The environment is comfortable to new students and the staff is understanding of your limitations. The system its self is simple and easy to learn. After learning something you can’t believe you didn’t think of it yourself because its so simple. I have been coming for over a year now and feel an amazing level of confidence that just wasn’t there before. I have gone from weak awkward punches to getting compliments on my level of power in everything I do, and my cardio is improved as well. I could go on and on about all the things I love about the system and staff, put simply…I love this shit and hope to never stop going. Doug”- Douglas

I’ve been meaning to try spartan km for over a year but didn’t think I would get a lot of exercise. I only have so much time and didn’t want to give up gym time. I finally tried it and loved it. Not only do learn self defense but it’s also a heck of a work out. I’m hooked now”- Jeff

“First of all: awesome self-defense class. To be honest, this was the first time I really felt like I was learning how to defend myself, even though I tried and practiced various martial arts for years before that. I’d also strongly recommend this class to anyone with no or very little martial arts background. The techniques and combatives are simple and intuitive, and most importantly the instructors are all GREAT!!! Without question I’ve learnt a lot, had fun a lot, and got into a lot better shape throughout the last year or so.”- Akos Nagy